Verbier Chalet of the Week: Chalet Victoria 111


Home to an impressive portfolio of five and six star properties, Verbier is a well-known playground for the rich and famous of the ski world. But it’s a large resort with plenty of scope to cater to those looking for mid-range and even budget accommodation, too.


Verbier without Breaking the Bank

Skiing in Switzerland has never been what you would call cheap. In fact, it’s well known for being top of the pile when it comes to luxury ski destinations.

Would you Stay in a Rock in Verbier? (Yes, we did say rock)

Ever get the feeling some people you meet have been living under a rock? Well, if they’ve been up the mountain in Verbier any time lately, they may well have been.
A cabin shaped as a rock has been constructed and placed on a mountain in Verbier. It’s well-hidden and those who find it are apparently free to stay in it... at absolutely no charge.

Alpine Skiing World Championship Comes to Verbier.


The spirit of competition is strong in the Swiss resort of Verbier and, over the years, the resort has played host to innumerable races, competitions, speed tests and high altitude challenges of all kinds. This February, the trend is set to continue as Verbier plays host to the Alpine Skiing World Championships.

Prince Andrew Buys £13 million Ski Chalet in Verbier

In the wake of a...

Everest... in the Alps?

In March 2015, Verbier will be the location for a team of 14 people climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest (8848m) on skis. If that sounds a bit odd, it’s because it is! This gruelling four-day ski-touring event is the first of its kind.

Myth Busting

Skiing is the sort of activity that tends to come with a whole host of myths about everything from ski technique to snowfall to equipment.

How to Strut like a Seasonnaire

It’s so easy to look like a bit of a fool in a ski resort; the streets are slick, the clothing is bulky and largely unflattering, and the equipment is difficult to successfully carry around. There’s so many unspoken rules about how to dress, how to carry your skis, even how to walk.

Good Job Verbier Isn’t Watching the (Snow) News

Unlike many resorts in the Alps that have postponed their official opening weekend this year, the fun has well and truly began in Verbier – a ski resort that has either not seen the recent weather reports, or has simply chosen not to listen...
The famous Swiss resort, which has been open for weekend skiing for the past month, officially celebrated the beginning of its 2014/2015 winter ski season